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Prepping for a Party with

The Collection

Preparing for a party with The Collection is easy!  You (the hostess) setup your event as you like... decorations, music, etc.  As you continue to read, you will see that with minimal help from you, The Collection will easily blend into the party atmosphere you create.  


A beading and jewelry making party with The Collection is a social event best enjoyed together.  We strongly suggest setting up a sturdy table large enough to accommodate each partygoer so that all guests can sit together while making their creations.  The Collection staff will need a separate flat surface space of approximately 5-6' to display the beads, charms and jewelry making supplies that we'll be bringing with us.  The appropriate space can take the form of an additional sturdy table, counter top, or even a kitchen island.  The NayaNicole Collection will come equipped with a 5' fold-out table if needed, however, we require that the hostess provide a space ample enough for us to setup. Please note, the display space designated for The Collection works best located adjacent to the table that the partygoers will be seated at.  The hostess is to also provide seating for The Collection staff - depending on the package you choose, that's at least 2 chairs.

Now that we've gotten the logistics out of the way, let's have fun and bead!